Research Groups


Research Groups
Prof. Dr. Peter BaumannMolecular Biology
Prof. Dr. Petra BeliChromatin Biology & Proteomics
Prof. Dr. Carsten DuchNeurobiology 2
Prof. Dr. Martin HeineFunctional Neurobiology
Prof. Dr. Claire JacobCellular Neurbiology
Prof. Dr. Brian LukeChromosome Biology
Prof. Dr. Marion SiliesNeural Circuits
Prof. Dr. Roland StraußNeurobiology 1
in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Susanne GerberComputational Systems Genetics
additional research groups
PD Dr. Eva-Maria AlbersMolecular Cell Biology
Dr. Carlotta MartelliAdaptive Odor Processing
Dr. Anne Régnier-VigourouxMolecular Cell Biology
Dr. Stefanie RyglewskiNeurobiology 2
Dr. Christopher SchnaitmannNeural Circuits
PD Dr. Joachim UrbanNeural Genetics
Senior Professor
Prof. Dr. Jaqueline TrotterBiology of Myelinating Glia
former Faculty Members
Prof. em Dr. C. v. Campenhausen
Prof. em. Dr. Christa Neumeyer
Prof. em. Dr. Gert Pflugfelder
Prof. em. Dr. Gerhard Technau